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Some await the end of the commercial year excitedly for the sales that ensue. For others, it’s a sign that that much-needed tax return is on its way. There’s one thing however that all the corporate world can agree on: the EOFY means it’s time to let your hair down and celebrate a year’s worth of hard work.

EOFY celebrations have increased in popularity recently and for good reason. The end of the fiscal year is a time to commemorate the achievements of businesses and employees alike. As much as it signifies the end of something, it also represents the start of something else. There’s no better way to get your employees excited about the upcoming fiscal year than honouring the occasion. Not only will it show your employees that you value them but can serve as a valuable team-building mechanism that brings people together.

The timing of the EOFY also lends itself naturally to events and festivities, occurring smack bang in the middle of the year, it offers workers a much-needed respite from the hard, wintery months. In fact, for this reason, EOFY celebrations are starting to rival those during the Christmas season.

With so much emphasis on it, planning your EOFY party needs to start early. That means deciding on theme, décor and the all-important catering well in advance. Coming up with unique ways to celebrate the triumphs of your team can be challenging but is something they’ll remember all year long. In anticipation of the upcoming EOFY, we’ve come up with our favourite corporate party ideas that are sure to impress the whole office!